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All This Rain

August 20, 2011

Has made some interesting stuff grow in the yard.

Incidentally, I finally figured out why my roses are having so much trouble growing, and I never, ever would have expected DEER munching on them!

We live in a neighborhood with a fair amount of people. I mean, it’s pretty wooded and there’s a good amount of undeveloped woods in one area, but I would have thought for sure no deer would come hang out in our yard. She must have figured out we don’t have a dog anymore. We’re the only ones: literally every single yard on our road has at least one dog.

It’s a lady deer most of the time (sometimes she brings her boyfriend), and she’s sneaky so I haven’t managed to get a picture of her yet. Last night I looked out the window of the back door and happened to catch a glimpse of her; sneaky lil thing was snacking on my struggling roses!

Oh well. She’s a cutie so it’s okay.

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  1. August 21, 2011 9:56 am

    Seeing deer in the yard is something I really miss about West Virginia. We rarely see them here. If you have to lose your roses, at least they are going to a good cause.

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