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So That Happened

August 9, 2011

There really isn’t a good reason for my being so neglectful of the ol’ blog really, it’s just been raining every single day since forever – it seems that way to me – and so not much has been going on save the drowning of most of my plants and the exponential increase of the mosquito population.


Half of the biggest tree in our yard fell, so that sucked.

BF supposes that it got waterlogged with all the rain and just couldn’t handle the weight anymore. Also when it came down we saw that there was some kindof infection or something in an exposed part of the limb. Anyway we’re pretty bummed since the tree was lovely and huge and previously pretty healthy.

But! It missed hitting anything important so that’s pretty wonderful. BF spent some quality time with his chainsaw and the bugs to make it a tad bit more manageable.

Know what this means, friends??

This means that I will probably be able to set aside a piece of wood the perfect size for mushroom cultivation and also BF and I can probably figure out something cool to do with the leftover wood. He says that he’ll have to use the truck to move it though since it’s so huge. I’m hoping his Chainsaw Wizard skills are such that he can cut a slab suitable for making a sweet table.

You can see how nearly it missed what we think is the original axle to a very old wagon that I’m totally in love with and that BF is restoring. SO happy it was spared.

I supposed it was bound to come down sooner or later, it was such an enormous branch.

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  1. August 9, 2011 8:14 pm

    Glad nothing was injured or broken.

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