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Good Morning!

May 26, 2011

This morning I got a phone call that made me happy.

One of the ladies from knitting group called to say that she’d be over in a few minutes to drop off some things that she and another wonderful lady from knitting group put together for me.

I didn’t go to the last meeting because of our car trouble, so I hadn’t known that they decided to gift me some yarn.

Isn’t that so thoughtful of them? I was so thankful.

She just dropped off a couple large bags full of yarn and roving, AND three books for me to use while I’m learning.

Crochet is not my strong suit. The woman who dropped off the bags is an accomplished crochet artist, she creates incredible pieces and would like for younger people to learn to crochet. She didn’t say much more about it, but I think she’s got a great point. Knitting and crocheting (including lacework) was a very important part of life for many women up until Not-Too-Long-Ago. Think of the work that went into the tapestries lining castle walls to keep out the cold, or women completing beautiful and intricate laceworks. It used to be something that brought women together.

Knitting and crochet kindof came out of nowhere a few years ago. One minute it was strictly for grandmas and the next minute all the cool kids were doing it. I didn’t take it up until much later because it was hard at first, and I had no one to teach me (thus, I occupied my time with books. Not an altogether horrible hobby I guess). Learning it on my own was certainly an option, but I didn’t take it until it became something I did to occupy my hands and my mind so I wouldn’t have to think about sad stuff.

Looking back on it, I’m glad it was hard. If I’d been able to master it quickly, there’s an excellent chance I would have done so and then moved on to the next Thing I Didn’t Know How To Do.

And one of the books she left with me is exceptional. I have a few instructional crochet books, but none of them are this clear and concise. It’s called The Complete Guide To Thread Crochet by Rita Weiss.  The one review is terrible but only because the person who bought it was looking for very specific things regarding thread crochet and apparently did not find her answers in the book. My review is that it’s wonderful.

I just think it was such a thoughtful thing they did. If I’m half as good as the ladies in knitting group one day, I’ll be thankful. Those are some seriously talented women.

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