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I may have figured out which is the climber

April 30, 2011

The climbing rose, I mean. During the past few days the bare root roses have really shot up, especially one in particular which I think may be my climbing Don Juan rose. I’m still not sure. You can see a picture of what a thriving Don Juan looks like here. And a picture of what a thriving Reine des Violettes looks like here. Here’s a nice close-up of a Reine des Violettes bloom.

I’m pretty sure I’m in waaay over my head here with roses. I mentioned in another post that I’d given my parents one of my Cecile Brunner roses but wasn’t sure if my mom in particular would be okay with it since it’s a climber and is notorious for being a very vigorous one. Well, last weekend I was there for Easter and their rose plant is enormous! Mine is sad and forlorn. They don’t call me the Crappy gardener for nothing.

I can’t tell why mine is doing so poorly and theirs is taking off. Is it the sun? I thought mine got enough sunlight where it is. I don’t know. And I’d planted another one in a place that gets a ton of sun but it’s just a spindly little stick barely hanging on. It’s bothering me, and I’m getting discouraged.

I’m hoping that these roses will do well. I already know the Peace rose isn’t going to make it as the wax used to protect the plant during shipping was also covering up a massive crack in the main stem. It hasn’t shown any signs of recovery, and I’m just about to pull it up out of the pot so I can use it for something else.

I can't be sure but I think this might be the Don Juan.

And maybe the Reine des Violettes. The spot on the leaf in the foreground is dirt. Their pots are very close to the garden bed that I was digging in that morning.

I know they’re just plants, but I really hope they pull through. Putting so much effort into something only to have it wither and die is so incredibly frustrating.

There was a long time I thought I would never be the type to get into rose gardening, that it all sounded too fussy and why would I do that when they didn’t produce anything worthwhile, like tomatoes for instance. But actually the leaves won me over. I can’t get over how very pretty they are. They’re so small, and delicate, and the serrated edges hold these perfect little drops of dew in the morning. If I can ever get one to bloom for me, you know I’m going to be hooked.

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