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That Planting Bed I Kept Blabbing About

April 29, 2011

I take such a ridiculously long time to do things, I’m telling you. At any given time there are about, oh…three million ideas buzzing around in my head, things I should do, things I mean to do, things I think would be super cool to do, etc. It’s just a matter of actually doing these things that trips me up. I get indecisive, my perfectionist side rears its ugly head, I always feel like I won’t be able to pull it off as well as I’d like, all that junk.

Probably about a month ago, I couldn’t sleep at all (which is nothing new, sometimes I’ll go for two days without sleeping) and I decided the moment the sun came up that I would go start on my garden bed that I’d been wanting for the past year and never got around to it. So I went outside, dug the shovel out from the shed and started digging out an eight by five foot rectangle a foot and a half deep.

Oh also, I didn’t mention this to the bf. He woke up to find me covered in dirt and sweat, with my mP3 player in my ears and flinging shovel after shovelful of sand into piles. Eventually I had what looked like a shallow grave and it ended up staying that way for months, I’m ashamed to say. We had a few financial hiccups that had to be attended to before we could finally get some quality soil to replace the sand we had in there previously. There’s really not much ‘amending’ you can do to sand. I mean, I guess you could, but it takes forever and then you’ve still got the nasties living there, and the sand in our yard compacts so badly it’d be really difficult to get quality crop plants to grow there. Maybe peanuts.

I was going to do a raised bed with a planting box, but those boards cost money, and digging into the ground doesn’t. I’m sure you can tell which method won out. After a suggestion from an old friend, I dragged some thick poplar branches that we had sitting out back waiting for some purpose and arranged them around the planting bed. So now it looks pretty decent. I think. I’d like to put some pavers in the surrounding area or something so that sand wouldn’t travel right to the bed every single time it rains, but what can you do? Maybe I’ll luck into some free ones. What? It could happen.

Several days ago I tilled a hundred pounds of manure into the garden bed, and yesterday morning I tilled twenty-five pounds of peat moss into the soil. Then I made three raised rows and got to planting. In the row closest to the house, I did some purple potatoes. I really don’t know that these will grow at all, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I know it’s much later in the season that they normally grow.

In the middle row are Dragon Tongue beans which of course I thought were pole beans but AREN’T. You’d think I’m illiterate I do this so often. It’s on the stinking seed packet for goodness’ sake. I just figured it out as I’m writing this otherwise I’d go out and dig up the seeds.

In the furthest raised row are okra seeds. I had this grand plan to reuse all these containers like 35lb kitty litter tubs and 5 gallon buckets by using them to plant okra in and then line them along the back of the house to cut down on the heat we get inside. And I might still, but I really need a man to help me with all the heavy lifting.

This morning was hard enough. The bf has been very busy with work lately, and also I can’t go out anymore at certain times of the day. If there were ever any doubt in my mind about me getting sun poisoning the last time I went to the beach it’s gone now. I had a pool day with my best friend the other day and even though I stayed in the shade, I ended up sick again. It’s kindof irritating is what it is.

So here are my pictures because I think I’ve done enough rambling for now.

I divided it into three rows right after this picture. See the poplar branches? And our crap sand outside of the bed?

Dragon Tongue beans which may or may not have been a really stupid thing to plant right now.

Okra seeds! Let's hope for a bumper crop of these because I love them! Okra have the most lovely flowers as well.

That thing on top of the bed is a trellis the BF made for me, and I put chicken wire on it. It will stand up in between the two farthest rows eventually, but for now it's going to block the birds from eating my seedlings. Maybe. I hope.

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