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Bare Root Roses

April 17, 2011

I kept mentioning that I bought bare root roses a few months ago, and then I kept forgetting to post pictures of them. I got ’em at a discount store for $3 a plant which I was excited about. That means, for all of you who still don’t know about my incredible crappiness as a gardener, that it won’t be so disastrous if I lose (kill) all three of them I’ll only be out like nine bucks.

In Other News: We now have a Facebook badge. I’d be very thankful if you ‘Liked’ me, as it will help the blog grow. One of these days when I get my you-know-what together I’d like to set up a page to sell some of my stuff (crafts like knit goods that I’m actually good at, hand-bound books, decorative baskets, soaps, candles and hand lettered signs). I’m a little ways away from setting it all up still.

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