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April Showers Came Early This Year

April 1, 2011

Wow. So we had about three solid days of heavy rainfall. The street near ours was flooded, a tree was uprooted and fell across the road…my dad called and said a tornado hit in their area. Quite an eventful few days if you ask me.

I had several garden projects underway but on the back burner due to lack of funds, but actually I’m thankful I didn’t just plant my summer veggies, as the garden bed I would have planted them in flooded. There will have to be some kind of solution for that so it doesn’t happen again. Our home is not in a flood zone, but that doesn’t mean it will never ever flood. The flooded road right next to us is a testament of that.

Remember the bare root roses I got? Well, I didn’t plant them yet, luckily. I transplanted them to larger pots, mainly because I’d had them soaking for a while but we had to leave the house and by the time we got back it was pitch black, but they needed to get out of the water or they would have started rotting. Anyway it worked out. One of them is doing fairly well, it’s sprouting tiny leaves in a little cluster. The other two look dead. We’ll see how they do. Anyway, one of them is a climbing rose, and if they’re in pots when they start to grow I think I’ll have a better idea which one it is so I can build that sucker a trellis.

The tomato seedlings are doing poorly, I might end up just buying a plant from a store or something, though that feels a bit like cheating since I started a bunch of them. At least I still have time for things like beans and okra.

As far as this weather goes, I’m hoping for rain still, but a little more moderate than what we just had. You know…just enough for a nice watering, but not enough to flood. Anyway that radiation from Japan has creeped over to our shores now…apparently it’s in the rainwater. I’m trying not to worry about it because there’s nothing I can do about it besides bemoan the decisions made regarding nuclear power.

I have several large buckets filled with collected rainwater, and I need to figure out a place to put it. I wish we had a rainbarrel or some kind of cistern. My dream cistern was featured on P. Allen Smith’s Garden Retreat show on PBS. He had an enormous crater dug out, about the size of a pool, lined it with thick rubbery stuff, filled it with a bunch of structural crates, added a pump and a cover, then backfilled the thing with soil and he has a garden on top of it now. The whole thing just stores rainwater for irrigating the garden. It’s genius. It can go on my wishlist lol.

I hope everyone’s staying nice and safe and dry!

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