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Crock Pot Chicken and Vegetables

March 31, 2011

This one is great for no-fuss dinners. You could also easily make it into chicken soup simply by adding water or stock and shredding the chicken. Add noodles to the soup to stretch it if you want, but don’t can it if you add noodles. Home canners can’t get the heat and pressure needed to can those.

I just threw this one together because the Wonderful BF was gone and I didn’t feel like putting much work into dinner. Plus! With him gone it meant I could have actual vegetables (bf eats only meat and potatoes. I love veggies). Here it is:


3 chicken breasts (really you could use whatever you wanted: chicken thighs, wings, breasts on the bone, etc. I used boneless, skinless breasts) equaling about 1lb. Mine were 1.3lbs

2 medium onions

5 carrots

2 handfuls green beans

garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper to taste.


Slice one of the onions into rings and line the bottom of the Crock Pot, drizzling a small amount of olive oil on top. Place the chicken on top of the onions. Finely dice one of the carrots and sprinkle on top of chicken. Dust chicken with onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Drizzle with olive oil. Set Crock Pot to High and allow to cook for four to five hours.

Chop the rest of the green beans, other onion, and carrots to your liking about  an hour before you want to serve. Add to chicken, stir together (this would be a good time to shred the chicken and add stock or water if making a soup), cover and let cook. I like my veggies fairly firm, if you want them softer, I’d add them maybe two hours before serving.

You could also easily let this cook on the Low setting for eight hours, just add the veggies about halfway through the cooking time. It’d be great with a few cut up red potatoes, you could do parsnips, rutabagas, squash, it’s a pretty versatile recipe. I was surprised at how great the chicken tasted as I didn’t add a cooking liquid. I also like everything pretty highly seasoned, so I didn’t give specific measurements as far as the garlic and onion powder. I think I used about 2 tsp.

I had mine just like that, but it would go great with a lot of things. You could do fresh bread, egg noodles, rice, serve with mashed potatoes, whatever you can think of.

*If you’re in Central FL, you know we’ve been getting a deluge for the past few days. It is raining like crazy here, and while I’ve avoided the thunder and lightening so far, I think it’s coming my way. Sorry if I had any typos, but I’m going to go ahead and finish this up because I’m going to unplug our electronics for the duration of the storm. Stay dry!

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  1. veganised permalink
    March 31, 2011 8:58 pm

    Hey! If you post recipes, do you mind if I veganise them?

  2. March 31, 2011 10:21 pm

    Not at all! Go for it! 🙂

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