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Well, that could be a problem.

March 2, 2011

I had this conversation yesterday with the bf about whether or not we were capable of killing our own food. We want chickens, you see. The current garden setup could easily be converted into a chicken coop with relatively little work. Or we could build one in an area of the yard that actually makes sense, since our not-a-greenhouse is in the best sunny spot we’ve got.

Anyway, the consensus was that neither one of us were capable of killing an animal. Well, super. My reasoning is that I regard it as Man Work, since it involves killing, and in my mind that equates to Man Stuff. I get that it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but still. Also, I’ve been known to get sick from the smell and sight of cat food. Literally for the first two years after I got my cat, I would get ill every time I opened a packet of wet food. The same thing happens with whole turkeys and chickens. I have no business processing anything that used to be an animal. Yes, I know: ridiculous. You don’t have to tell me.

So my next thought was fish. Did he have a problem with processing fish? His answer: “But the store has it.”

What?! Can’t the man kill anything? How are we going to be more self-sufficient without the ability or willingness to process our own food? And before you point out what would be obvious to most people, that I could probably kill something if it was threatening my life, don’t count on it. If I had children and something was threatening my children, sure. And if a person was threatening my life? Yeah, probably then too. But for some reason I’m just not okay with processing our own meat because those animals weren’t endangering us. And, I’ve been known to do really stupid things when it comes to critters. Like walking smack into the middle of a raccoon fight because I didn’t want either of them to be hurt.

It could just be the ickiness of the thing, I don’t know. With the bf, it’s because he’s really very nice and he likes animals quite a lot. You’d think we’d be vegetarians. Well, maybe we will if  we can’t get to processing meat on our own and the time ever comes when we can’t afford to buy meat from the store.

By the way, here’s a little lesson in the language of my bf: when he says things like, “But the store has it,” it really means, “I don’t want to, but if I say no I think you might be mad.” This is how things are communicated around here. I’ve had to learn to chill out quite a bit because I’m generally a straight shooter when it comes to communication, and he’s more of an ‘I have to read between the lines’ type of communicator. As you can imagine, this approach doesn’t always work.

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  1. March 4, 2011 4:26 pm

    I couldn’t kill my own food unless there was no option otherwise. I am a big wuss, and would feel too bad. Sad, considering I mostly eat protein.

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