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Doin’ Laundry

February 25, 2011

I’m not actually going to show you any laundry activity. That would be boring. Well, more boring than this. So anyway.

I posted not too long ago that I hadn’t forgotten to write blog posts, but I was lying. Not on purpose! But all the same, I did really forget. Twice.

You should know that doing laundry is not my favorite activity. Were we in possession of a washer and drying in our home, it would absolutely be my favorite chore. For real. I used to love it, but we have a ton of iron in our water and it dyes everything (including what used to be blonde hair) a funny orangey color. Unless it’s actually my hair, in which case I’m lucky that it looks good.

Because I dislike ruining all of my clothes, I go to the laundromat to get them clean. As you can imagine, it’s annoying. I look at it as rather a waste of gas and driving time, and time in general in which I could be Doing Other Things. Like poking myself in the eye with my pruning shears or something equally as fun as sitting around, musing through magazines and making sure my purse is close by.

The time before last laundry day, I was debating putting it off another day, and almost did except the bf really needed, ya know…. socks (thought it was gonna be something else, didn’t you? Dirty minds! Tsk, tsk, tsk). So I went, and brought my Baker Creek seed catalog along with me. I was flipping through the pages, only getting to page four before I heard someone say,

“Is that Baker Creek’s seed catalog?”

And I was thinking, Where’s my purse?

But then I looked up to see who was talking to me, and it was the guy I kept squeezing past with all my stuff who had been really nice about me being so annoying. OMG, what are the chances of meeting a fellow gardener who appreciates heirloom seeds and knows Baker Creek? Well apparently, pretty good because I did.

He was so nice! We traded all sorts of gardening info, and he told me about his amazing garden setup (I really wished I’d taken a picture!) of hydroponics that he and his family built themselves! It’s super impressive. AND he even gave me a compost tumbler! I love it. I put it next to the tub that catches the rainwater near my not-a-greenhouse, and I toss all the garden scraps in there. Is super effective!

We (me and the bf) headed to their house to pick up the tumbler, and we met his parents, and he even sent me home with all sorts of greens and a ton of cilantro. Cilantro is my favorite! The greens were amazing, I didn’t even know how they could get so good. I never thought freshness would make such a huge difference, but God were they tasty. He also sent me home with some seeds that I started but I can’t remember what they are for. He and his mom had such amazing produce growing, I’m telling you.

I brought them a rose plant (I still have a few left, haha), and he sent me home with those seeds, the compost tumbler, amazing greens, tasty lemongrass, and a bit of Bragg’s Aminos and sesame oil. Soooo tasty. Oh my goodness.

The chances of me meeting someone so cool and nice, I thought were pretty small. But it was a great coincidence, and I need to email them. I got sidetracked there for a while.

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