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Peach Blossoms

February 22, 2011

This is what my love got me for Valentine’s Day:

I wasn’t expecting anything for Valentine’s Day, because I’d specifically asked him not to get me anything. But, that’s what happens when the bf knows me very well and pays attention to my love of plants. And peaches. It made me very happy, and I love it, and it’s already huge and all blossomy.

I do have a much smaller one that isn’t yet near fruiting age, and that one I will try to train in the espalier style to maximize fruit production as well as make it much easier for me to gather a harvest. Because I’m short. And not twenty to thirty feet tall.

Remember the butter yellow flowers I posted about a little while ago? Well, this is what they’ve done in that time:

Forgive the faded look of the photo, I don’t know why it did that. Anyway, that’s about twenty five feet of growth right there. They are covering that tree, our fence, and a few shrubs. Our yard smells heavenly. It’s a toss-up between the orange blossoms and these guys, really. But orange blossoms don’t hang out this time of year here.

And this guy is the Kitten, who is sincere in his desire to Go Outside. He’s a silly.

Look at that intense stare. So dramatic...

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