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January 21, 2011

This year, as far as our weather goes, I’m not even sure it could be called ‘winter.’ Is it winter even though it’s so warm out I’m in shorts and a t-shirt? I dunno. Some of our plants have started blooming, my fig tree is sprouting some new growth…I mean, that’s great I didn’t kill it and stuff, but seriously.

Last year, I was praying we would get a tiny bit of warmth because our house doesn’t have heat and I was seriously freezing. This year? The windows have been open for days because of our springlike weather lately. Hmm. Well, whatever. I’m enjoying it while it lasts, but curious as to what it means for the garden.

Will we even get frosts? Freezes? Remotely cold weather? We’ll see I guess.

So far we have a few things lined up for the garden this coming season. Remember the boatload of Cecile Brunner climbing roses? Well, I have six more yet to be planted. And thanks to the good folks at Whoever-Decides-These-Things-For-Lowes, we now have a bunch of re-bar that was nice enough to be on sale. Big time.

The darling BF has all sorts of plans for it, like braiding it to increase the strength and whatnot. I should add that it’s twenty feet in length. Oh, and that it’s going to be a lovely….thing. Bower? I guess that’s the best word. It’ll look as if someone had a huge sphere, sliced it down the middle horizontally and vertically, and then sunk one of the quarters into the ground.

I’ll take some pictures. At least two of the roses will be planted on either side, so hopefully one day I’ll have a beautiful, rose covered place in which to put a garden bench.

This is along with the plan to put in some more raised beds in which to plant some veg. We’ll see if it’ll happen, but the BF is really very good about doing this sort of thing, plus it’ll allow him some time to weld. And he loves welding. I love woodworking, he loves metal. Go figure.

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