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Choices, choices….

January 17, 2011

So I went a little crazy on the seed catalogs this year. Around November I-don’t-know, it just seemed like a good idea to peruse some catalogs. I did a search for them, and signed up for so many that at one point, I didn’t even remember who I’d requested them from.


I’m really impressed with a couple of them, and Not So Impressed with a few others. I won’t name any names of the Crap ones, but the catalogs that stand out as winners for my purposes so far are Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Terroir, Territorial, Sow True, and Thompson and Morgan (they really only do flowers, but boy do they do it well. So well organized!).

Seeds of Change and Seed Savers Exchange are really good, too.

I’m still waiting on my Baker Creek catalog, but so far I love the website and think I’ll order some stuff from them as well as Southern Exposure and Terroir.

I’d like to try some white strawberries and chichiquelites this coming season.

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