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Dear Mother Nature,

January 11, 2011

Do your eyes see what mine do? That. Right there. That bit of lovely butter yellow. It’s pretty unexpected, huh? I mean, it’s January for goodness’ sake! Why, oh why are my Carolina Yellow Jessamine in bloom????

Mother Nature, is this some sort of joke? Why you gotta do this to me?


If I start some seedlings you’re just gonna make it like 30°, aren’t you?


In all seriousness, I wish you could smell these flowers. I’m annoyed that they’re   in bloom because it’s January and it should be cold: some plants need a dormancy period, and the previous freezes messed with/killed a lot of my plants. But they smell absolutely amazing.


So until we actually hit springtime weather, I’ll just enjoy the bit of spring I have in my garden for now. Til the weather turns crap again. Which, in true FL fashion, should be about fifteen minutes.

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