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Backyard Project

January 4, 2011

With all the busyness of the last few months, I had a few projects put on the back burner, and some things I meant to post and never got around to. My friend’s backyard is one of them.

My best friend and her wonderful husband moved several months ago, into a place that has a very generous backyard given the area in which they’re now living. It’s fenced (which is great for their dog and conducive to a garden), and had nothing but grass there. Here’s what it looked like before I was recruited to help make their yard much more relaxing:

It doesn’t look that way anymore, now there are lots of plants but we haven’t gotten together lately so I haven’t taken updated pictures. Also, the bf transplanted one of our trees to their yard and I accidentally gave it fertilizer burn (the crappy gardener strikes again, right?). We’re thinking it will make it but I haven’t gotten an update in a few weeks. We’ve all been kinda busy.

I will definitely take more pictures the next time I go over. T picked some really beautiful FL native species and some FL friendly species, and arranged them in a way that looks wonderful. I’m hoping the tree makes it. It’s some kind of oak I think, but I haven’t been able to find the specific variety. We have some full-sized ones in our yard, and they’re lovely and slender, and in the spring their leaves flutter in the breeze. I love them.

Soon (if not already) there will be a Cecile Brunner climbing rose in the far left corner that will grow on a piece of lattice or chicken wire. I cannot wait for spring when the roses will really start taking off. Cecile Brunner has tiny, bright green and very attractive leaves even without the little pink blooms. They are mildly fragrant all the time, and right now all of mine are still in their pots, sitting in the not-a-greenhouse with the rest of the plants that I’m praying won’t get damaged by our bizarre ‘winter’ weather we’re having here. Each time I go in there, I get blasted by this sweet, almost herbal scent. They’re quickly becoming my favorite plants. We’ll see if I feel the same way when they start to overtake the yard: apparently they are ‘vigorous’ climbers (but lovely, regardless).

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