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Our Old Lady Dog

October 13, 2010

She’s not doing so great, actually. I mean, she’s seventeen this year, so she”s been around way longer than I thought she’d be. Especially since she’s an outside dog, and prefers eating gross, probably dead things (God, I hope!) than her dog food. Here’s our girl:

She’s a good dog.








In other ‘news,’ I still haven’t killed my basil, and I might actually be succeeding and growing chives and  scallions! Also, lettuce. I thought for sure I had killed my catnip, because it only had a few stalks left, and they’d already flowered, so I cut them all way back last week, it looked completely dead, there wasn’t a spot of green on them, and now look:

It’s growing back! My furbabies will be happy about that.








I ended up giving two of those rose bushes away, one to my mom, who may or may not get sick of it (I think it may be more maintenance than she likes), and one to my friend who is awesome. Speaking of awesome friends, there is one in particular whose name starts with an ‘E,’ who should really come over and garden with me. We always say we will be it never happens. It’s relaxing, E. Fo sho.

Oh, I forgot. I accidentally killed my plumeria, and Shadow killed my jalapeno after she trampled on them when I had to lock her in the garden to stop her from eating the baby squirrel. I still want him. It’d be awesome if he showed up on our windowsill and asked me to be his new mama. I could do it. Speaking of the baby squirrel, no wonder he was scared of going back up the tree! He looked up and saw this:

I’d be scared, too. The bf snuck him back onto the tree before I could keep him though. Smart, that bf. He’s the reason we don’t now have three cats, a dog, a baby cardinal and a squirrel. Well, I’m being conservative about the cat thing. I used to do rescue so you know I’d have had way more if I could. Poor bf. He never really stood a chance. At least he knew I was nuts before we moved in together.

Anyway, I’m being distracted by my littlest cat, who is laying halfway on the keyboard, drooling all over it. Eugh.

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