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October 9, 2010

Not too long ago, the bf spent a good amount of time hacking away at some vines that had gotten a little too familiar with our neighbor’s oak trees. Normally he wouldn’t have bothered, but they hang pretty far over our side of the fence, and the vines were seriously weighing down their limbs. We’ve had some trouble with them getting waterlogged during rain and then falling, so he decided enough was enough. I, being a truly crappy gardener, was 100% convinced that these vines were Virginia Creeper, despite knowing that they resembled the wild grape vines that my inspiration for gardening had just hacked out of her trees.

Anyway, I went out today to scout out some places for the ten rose shrubs I just got (way too many, by the way), and to water my plants, and I got to looking at these vines. They were happily choking the sh*t out of a lemon tree that doesn’t get nearly enough sun in my neighbor’s yard, and growing all over the fence and along the ground on our side. The closer I looked at the leaves though, I started thinking that they looked mighty familiar. You know what I did, in my complete idiocy? I realized, after plucking a leaf from said vines and comparing it to my new Noble Muscadine grape vine, that I bought that SAME damn vine from a store that is currently threatening to choke the crap out of our yard! WTF was I thinking?

Actually I know exactly what I was thinking: that what the bf was doing was ‘man-work’ (that is exactly how I referred to it), and that I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Plus, the grape vine was growing on the gorgeous azaleas that he’d just hacked to pieces, making me cry because I adored those. So I didn’t go anywhere near that area for a while. I guess they weren’t producing because it’s so shady over there.

So I guess I could just propogate those vines, too. I’m sure it’ll come in handy when we finally get to moving out state, seeing as how I really don’t want to completely start over with my garden in our new house, wherever it may be.

Here’s today’s lesson: before spending the money for a plant, take a few seconds to check your yard and make sure you’re not purchasing the very plant that is choking out your other plants. By the way kids, this is now the second time I’ve done this, if we’re not counting the Japanese honeysuckle disaster, which would make it the third. Earlier this year, I HAD to have a Carolina Yellow Jessamine jasmine vine, without realizing that it was the very same vine that was trailing all over our fence in the front, strangling our other plants and making a nuisance of itself by popping up twenty feet from it’s nearest visible roots (Carolina Yellow Jessamine, despite their cheerful yellow flowers and sweet fragrance, also spreads by rhizome, meaning you’ll find those bastards all over the place without ever figuring out how they’re doing it bc they don’t drop seed).

I’m getting better though. I haven’t managed to kill my little basil yet, it’s looking pretty happy in it’s compost-amended soil. And I remembered to take some pictures. Not of the big grape vines, but of the plants I just got not too long ago. I’ll get some pics of the roses in just a bit. Here’s what I have so far:

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