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Supercool Fruit Trees

October 7, 2010

I’ll apologize in advance for the jilted awkwardness of this post, I’m kinda hopped up on caffeine right now (which I never, ever have anymore).

So, in our area, there are very few options for fresh, local and organic produce. There’s local, but very rarely organic. Any place I’ve found has been too far for a convenient drive. Well, the wonderful bf who scours Craigslist frequently found this amazing little place not too far from us. I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention it on a blog (not that many people read this lol), so ask me in comments if you want to know. Anyways they’re kindof amazing.

The family that runs it, they do it right out of their property, they grow all their herbs themselves, and many other things like leeks, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, kale, all sorts of stuff. They source some of the other things from local and organic growers, and they have excellent prices. Well, last time we were there, last Saturday I think, they had some peach trees for FOUR DOLLARS each. Can you believe that? FOUR dollars. You can’t get ’em from a nursery for less than $29 I don’t think. So of course I got one. I’d wanted one for a long time but I couldn’t justify plunking down $30 for a tree that I would probably end up killing.

Also, our local home improvement store that rhymes with ‘mowes’ had (or maybe still has) Muscadine grapes, Black Mission figs, blueberry and raspberry plants on a big time sale: two for $10. So now I have a grape vine and a fig tree.

I’ll update in pictures as soon as I can, but I figured I’d just write this now as there’s no way I’m gonna get to sleep any time soon. Damn you, kickass iced tea maker! I’ve been sucking down iced tea for the past three hours because I can’t help it, and I opted for the caffeinated variety because of the scary chemical in the decaf. Ah, the wonders of poor self-control.

Good news! This weekend I’m traveling to about I don’t really know how far north of here to pick up some beautiful rose cultivars. This will be my first experience growing roses, I’ve always heard they were super finicky but then again, I really have very little gardening experience in the grand scheme of…well, gardening in general. They are Cecile Brunner roses, and I hope I can find suitable spots for them because they’re just gorgeous. I know for sure that one will be a gift to a very good friend who is super tolerant of my annoying enthusiasm for plants. I know it’s weird. Sorry. And boring also. Too bad though, it brings me peace and helps me clear my too-crowded head.

Alright, I’m off to watch the utter and complete bizarre-ity that is Sister Wives until I start cringing and then it’s on to reading The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan which is hands-down the most useful thing I’ve ever had the good sense to pick up. It’s amazing, really.

Oh, also. I planted two avocado pits. We’ll see what they do. They were organic so maybe their fruit-making ability will be intact.

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