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Vicious Monsters

May 4, 2010
vi·cious [víshəss]
1. ferocious and violent: carried out with intense violence and an apparent desire to inflict serious harm, or acting in an aggressive, cruel, and violent way

  • a vicious attack
  • Her husband’s a vicious brute.
  • That’s a pretty good definition for the monster I saw in the soil earlier today.

    I’m completely overreacting, I know. I was pretty brave about it though, I even killed it myself instead of asking the BF to do it for me. It looks like some kind of….destroyer of plants that I’ve worked hard to get to grow. Not sure what it’s scientific name is though. There was that thing, and then two little cutworms that I took to the way back of our yard and stuck over the fence, and I had the BF kill a grasshopper the other day because it gave me a dirty look.

    It was sitting on my spaghetti squash plant stem all like, “I’ll cut you, beyotch. Or give you this dirty look.”

    There are way more bugs now that it’s warmer and my plants have started producing food. I have thirty-two little green tomatoes growing, and I’m praying that they can ripen without interference from asshat insects. So here is an update in pictures of my very first vegetable garden. Oh, also, I dug up the potatoes because the roots were interfering with my pepper plants. I ate the four bitty potatoes and they were good. And also free because I used supermarket organic potatoes.

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