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April 19, 2010

So…last night was a sad one for us, one of our trees couldn’t take it anymore and committed herbicide. It didn’t stop at just taking its own life though, it also maimed our fence, and possibly a squirrel (although we can’t figure out if a hawk did that, either way, it’s freakin gross).

A few weeks ago, I was outside gardening in the front, and heard a loud cracking, ripping noise. I could tell which tree it came from, but that tree was fifty feet tall so I couldn’t see what caused it. Anyway, a boy in our neighborhood was walking home from school when it happened and I told him to please avoide walking under that tree, as I didn’t want it to fall on him (apparently this is unacceptable behavior, or possibly creepy, because now he gets picked up before he gets to our house. I thought not wanting children to get killed by suicidal trees was nice). So I went inside and told BF, who told me I was wrong, it was probably something else.

I didn’t bother arguing because this is a constant in our relationship. I say something like “I have a bad feeling about ____” or “Honey, the big tree right by the fence is snapping, it’s going to come down,” and he says, “No, you’re wrong.” And then one night, when BF is gone, the tree can’t take it anymore and decides to off itself, leaning against the phone line and crushing our fence. So then I call the BF and ask him to come home (I didn’t know it was the phone line, I thought it was the power lines. We still have the old, aerial lines instead of being buried) and please handle the hugeass tree that just fell like I said it would. I win. Anyway he came right home and chainsawed it all up into managable pieces that weren’t leaning on the phone line.

So! We’re one less tree which is sad because it was actually a very pretty oak. Somehow it got diseased, you can see mold growing where the crack originally happened, and it was spreading. I think it was a laurel oak. Oh well. Now it will be used for some firewood, and maybe some nice candle holders.

On a completely unrelated note, we have grasshoppers. I hate them. Not crickets, which we have year round, but grasshoppers. The ginormous kind that like to team up and scare the living shit out of me. Specifically me. It’s like all the insects in FL seek me out to wreak havoc in my garden, and one my sanity. Because I am so scared of grasshoppers it borders on a phobia. I really can’t think of anything I’m more scared of. And once a year, they breed like crazy and devour any and all foliage they get their disgusting “whatever they eat with’s” on. Ugh. I’m getting creeped out even thinking about them.

I’m pretty sure it was these bloody grasshoppers that ate my baby sunflowers AND my cosmos. It’s the cosmos I’m more pissed about because I was really looking forward to them.

As far as the veg goes, I’ve got two green peppers growing fairly quickly, and a few little tomatoes. I’m thinking I might do some diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of the garden, and inside the structure. I’m not really sure if it’ll help, but maybe it’ll cut down on some of the grubbs we’ve got.

Anyway, I’m off to help the BF chainsaw the eff out of the tree so we can get it out of our front yard.

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