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March 19, 2010

There isn’t much going on besides the fact that I really AM a crappy gardener. I started my plants too late, and some of them are dying. A few from transplant shock (bibb lettuce, calendula), and some because I have a tendency to over-love plants.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up and put the plants in the ground. We’ll see where this gets me, but hopefully it’ll be at least a few tomatoes.

The garden structure isn’t completely finished yet, but BF has been incredible about it. Even working through a literally smashed finger, and me freaking out about the blood. Ew. Anyway it was something about a missed hammer strike and I heard, “Oh. Hmm…” I didn’t really thinkg it was anything, because I didn’t see it happen. The only reason I was aware of it at all was because my wonderful BF had blood running down his hand. Gross gross gross. He refused any help from his throoughly nauseated girlfriend, and continued to hammer nails into the wood. Finally I insisted that he stop and at least clean it up. And put a bandage on it, because ew.

We still have half the front wall to go, the top small portion and the tarp for the temporary roof.

Today was kindof a crap day. I was bored and acting like an idiot, throwing a water bottle in the air and catching it in the backyard while BF was doing something I couldn’t help with. Of course I had my shoes off (see above note about me being an idiot) and I stepped on the gnarliest-looking sandspur I have ever seen in my life. There is still a piece of it in my heel as I couldn’t get it all out, and being uninsured, I can’t go to the doctor. Super.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get the rest of it out after I calm the eff down, because there was considerable freaking out. And also I can’t put pressure on my heel or I’ll get a nice, stabbing pain. What an awesome day.

I actually wasn’t in too bad of a mood before typing that, just looking at my plants and feeling guilty for being so bad at this. Plus the weather’s been uncooperative lately so I can’t really put all the plants in the ground.

My cilantro looks like ass by the way. You’d think, it being from Mexico, it’d like the FL weather but noooooo. It’s all…yellow. And pissed off at me.

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