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My first seedlings

March 11, 2010

Hello friends! Just a note: so far, this is what I have growing in some peat moss, as in, here are the seeds I’m starting:

Canterbury Bells (out of season I think, but I’ll try anyway)

Bibb lettuce, my favorite

Mammoth sunflowers

German chamomile


Blue lupine


Echinacea purpurea and another white variety

Brandywine tomatoes

Better Boy tomatoes

Pink Girl tomatoes (I know, I love tomatoes)

Traditional lavender

Spaghetti squash







Italian flat leaf parsley


Fernleaf dill

Logan raspberries

Sounds like a lot but I think I’ll be able to handle it. I also have some plans for freesia and gladiolus to go in some planters. I have the bulbs for those, but I haven’t planted them yet.

Today I have to continue to rake up the thick layer of oak leaves from our yard, and clear off some of the oranges and lemons from our neighbor’s trees. My other chore is to do the laundry, because I haven’t done it in a while, and we don’t have good water for washing clothes in so I have to go to the Laundromat. No fun.

Either today or tomorrow I’ll go to the home improvement store to get some more soil, weed barrier, and some chicken wire, bamboo stakes, and some low fencing. I also need some flower bed edging. $$$

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