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Minor Changes, Learning From My Mistakes

March 11, 2010

March 9, 2010

Okay so, minor change. I relocated the seedlings to the back room, and let my monster cats out again.

The thing is, this being an old house, we don’t have heat. It isn’t normally an issue because it is Florida, and this year was really the only year not having heat kinda sucked. We had such a major cold snap, it stayed below 60 degrees for…I think ten days.

Our house holds temperature for much longer than most houses because of the way it’s built, so when it gets really cold, it stays really cold for a while. This year, our house got down into the 40’s, and stayed that way for way too long. To solve our “holy crap it’s cold” problem, we bought a portable space heater.

All of this matters because I think my seedlings were too cold. I moved the space heater to the back room when I put the cats in there, because it was way too cold for them at night, and I didn’t want them to be uncomfortable. Now, the seedlings are in there and hopefully they’ll be at a better temperature to grow.

Also, I came up with the formal plan for my garden structure, which turned out to be more involved than I originally thought it’d be. After witnessing the destruction the tiny birds in our yard have caused though, I decided I definitely can’t do it open-air. I mean, my tomato plants haven’t even set fruit yet and the robins and squirrels literally sit on the edge of the planter and check out the plants. They’re so lucky they’re cute.

So, here is the plan as it stands right now:

It will stand at six feet tall, with a slightly sloping ceiling at a final height of seven feet in the middle. This is so that the rain won’t collect on the tarp I’ll be using as a roof. Preferably light-colored.

The whole thing will be a 7.5’ x 7.5’ square, enclosed with chicken wire. Hopefully the openings will be small enough to keep the finches out. Each planting bed will be 2.5’, lining every side but the south side. Like a U shape. The south side of the enclosure will be where the door is located, and there will be about a 2.5’ wide walkway from the door to 5’ in.

To the north I’ll have a trellis for my tomatoes, spaghetti squash, peas, and maybe the okra.


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