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Building Day!

March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010

Happy Thursday! Today is the day I get started on my monster pseudo-greenhouse project. With the help of BF, of course. We went to the home improvement store last night, and ended up with a crapload of wood, some metal brackets, some bolts, huge screws and nails, and thinner wallets.

It actually wasn’t that bad. BF decided that using landscaping timbers would look cool, and I thought that the fact that they were on sale was cool. He said it’d give it a “more rustic look.” I just want it to be safe, and as inexpensive as possible. You know, without the thing collapsing on me while I’m puttering around in it.

It cost us about $70 for fifteen landscape timbers, four pieces of wood for my veg trellis, wood for the door, and a bunch of bolts and screws that BF knows the name of. Today my assignment is to go to the feed store and try to find some chicken wire. Our area home improvement store kindof had what I needed. They had the kind I wanted but only one roll of the size I needed. I’m going to use 1x36x50 rolls of hex netting to enclose the garden.

Ideally, I’d enclose it with no-see-um mesh screen but it’s like $8 a yard, and your unemployed Crappy Gardener can’t afford $700 worth of netting. It’d be awesome if we had some job opportunities out here.

Not that I’d spend $700 on netting even if I did have some income, but still. Moving on…

So last night had some surprising developments. Surprising for me anyway. I have some sunflower seedlings growing in my tomato container. It took me a while to figure out what they were and how they got there, because I did plant a couple carrot and chamomile seeds in that container with the tomatoes. It’s kindof a big container. Well, I remembered that I’d used some soil from the sunflower patch that the dog destroyed at the bottom of the container so I didn’t use a whole ton of the expensive potting soil. They must have grown up through all that soil…I think I’ll have to move them. It’s good to know that they’re so stubborn, maybe they’ll at least thrive with me taking care of them.

The carrots and chamomile are just starting to come up, so that’s good to see. I’m not sure if I did a good thing planting them together, but we’ll see.

After we got back home from….the home improvement store, I realized that I’d flaked out and forgotten to get the larger peat pots so that I could transfer the veg plants that I stupidly planted, thinking that not all of them would sprout. Now my marigolds and tomatoes are crowding each other, and I seriously have to get those poor plants some more room to spread their roots. Oh well. I guess I’m learning.

Lately, from all the stress that being unemployed brings, I’ve been super flaky and unfocused. I only say this because before we left, I made a big stink about bringing the list BF and I came up with, illustrating what we’d need for the project. After about five minutes of being home, I realized that I’d forgotten, again, to pick up some peat pots and some more potting soil. I mean, really. How many trips to the store is it gonna take me to remember this silly stuff?

The best was when I was a nanny, and the oldest girl was like my second brain. I mean, I would be fine about the important stuff, like school, meals, hygiene, attention, cleaning…that kind of stuff. But I was forever forgetting my keys and my shoes. I need like…an assistant. Lol. Or maybe just a list.

One more thing: rosemary. I’m pretty sure that the USDA zone is dead wrong about zone 9 in particular. Every single thing I’ve ever read about rosemary goes something like, “it loves sun, can’t get enough sun, blah blah blah.” I put it out in the 77 degree beautiful daytime temps we’ve been having, and all the sudden the stems are weak, leaning over, etc. And it’s not like I didn’t water it, I thought I was giving it more than it needed. But apparently not. Anyway bottom line is that FL is a colossal pain in the butt state to learn how to garden in. the plant’s doing fine though, now. I put it in an area that got less direct sunlight in the afternoon.

That 12-2 pm block is the worst I think. So my first kernel of advice is, for the zone 9 garden in FL, plant your rosemary in an area that gets afternoon sun, but relief from the baking heat of that midday sun if you can.

By later today I hope to have some progress done on the garden, and have transferred some of the seedlings into some more suitable pots. I’ll post the pics and give everyone an update. Happy gardening!

Crappy Gardener


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